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Do you love natural timber finishes? Then you're going to love Timba-Coustic wall cladding. At Genesis Acoustics we're nuts about wood. Timba-Coustic is a great way to create a feature wall, whilst solving sound problems at the same time.

How Does it Work?

Timba-Coustic is a wall cladding system. First we install a framework, fill in the spaces with an acoustic infill, discreetly covered by a black acoustic fleece. Then natural timbers are used & carefully spaced with open slats inbetween the planks. The result is acoustic control - with the natural beauty and resilient finish of wood.

Where Should Timba-Coustic be Installed?

Homes: In bedrooms, living areas & dining rooms, cinema rooms, games rooms etc
Recording studios
Video conferencing rooms
Reception areas
B & B's

Actually, as timber can be used for decorative application in a multitude of spaces - only your imagination is the limit.

Timber Finishes Available

✪ Rustic aged pine
✪ Hardwoods - of which there are many! This is a far more expensive option.

Works Well in Combination With

Off-set the Timba-Coustic with Genesis upholstered panels to contrast textures and colours.
Our S-Series wall panels & Feature Wall Fabric system offer 65 designer colours.

Overall Thickness


Quote of The Day

“I loved sitting on the pile of freshly cut logs, running my hands over the different shapes and smelling their woody fragrance. To this day I think that there is nothing as interesting to look at as a heap of newly cut logs, the delicate colouring of their veined insides telling their life story, while they wait to bring warmth and comfort.”
Alice Taylor, To School Through The Fields

Images of Past Work

Timba-Coustic installed behind the TV in a home cinema room. Bass traps finished in a black fabric are installed in the corners on either side. Feature Wall fabric walls are installed on both side walls. Industro-Foam is installed on the ceiling.

Timba-Coustic installed at Kingfisher FM Radio Station

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