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Spectrum Sludge

Spectrum Sludge is a two part acrylic paste, engineered to absorb resonant energy and reduce the transmission of airborne noise in passenger vehicles. Spectrum Sludge can beused as an interior coating, or as an exterior undercoating to reduce road, engine and exhaust noise as well as provide a seamless barrier against moisture, helping to prevent rust. It is the thickest water based vibration paste on the market.


After the upholstery or carpet is out, and the vibration damper installed remove loose debris, rust, dirt, and waxy oils to insure a solid contact with Spectrum. Most new cars will not need much prep work while some older vehicles should be treated with a degreaser or solvent.

Mixing the two part system

Spectrum Sludge is a two part system. The first part is a bucket of our original vibration coating Spectrum. The second part is a 6 oz bottle of Sludge Activator; the catalyst that turns spectrum in to a sludge like paste.
A paddle mixing drill bit will work the best. Do not mix the entire bottle of Sludge Activator in all at once. The entire process should take about 90 seconds when using an electric paddle. When mixing by hand, you can expect a 5 minute process.
  1. Minimum thickness is 1mm. At 1mm one gallon will cover about 40 sq ft / 3.7m².
  2. 2mm thickness is better. At 2mm one gallon will cover about 26.66 sq ft / 2.46m².
  3. 3mm is ideal. At 3mm one gallon will cover about 13.33 sq ft / 1.23m².

Recommended Installation Locations

Spectrum Sludge should be used as an exterior undercoating and inside the car as an interior coating. Firewall Sludge is specifically designed to adhere to metal, and should not be applied to plastic or upholstery.


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