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For doors to function a gap is required all around the door in order for it to open and close freely on the hinges however these same gaps can pose both thermal and acoustic insulation problems. The closing of these gaps is achieved with soundproofing door seals. When a doors have suitable acoustic seals it ensures that sound does not travel freely though the gaps around the perimiter of the door to the space on the other side. Soundproofing of doors is necessary for a variety of reasons such as confidentiality or to simply avoid disturbing people nearby.

Here are some typical cases where soundproof door seals will be beneficial.

Hotels, guest lodges, flats

Doors into guest suites leading off common areas. Passage ways can be noisey as other guest are leaving or approaching their rooms often talking and laughing loudly. General noisy tyical of a busy hotel such as vacuum machines, elevators etc can all disturb guest trying to relax or sleep in their room. Also the lights from the passage which are left on through the night will shine through the gaps around the door which is undesirable.


Doors leading into boardrooms, offices, doors between the offices and factory all require soundproofing to block noise that can disturb or to prevent confidential conversations from being overhead.


No one wants to hear the noises coming through the door of the toilet, private moments in the main bedroom suite need to remain private and not be overhead by children who are meant to studying or asleep, TV rooms are frequently used after younger childern have gone to sleep and parents would much rather not have to go put them to sleep again after they've been woken up by the TV.

The Genesis Pro soundproof door seal kit closes the gaps on all four sides of the door:

a) Jambs: 2 x 2100mm seals
b) Head: 1 x 1000mm seal
c) Bottom edge of the door: This is an active seal, which drops right onto the floor when the door closes & lift when the door opens. 1 x 820 mm Aluminium profile


✪ Seals must be fitted on site & will need to be cut to size


✪ Lead time: Normally available ex-stock

Here is where doors seals are needed

Extruded PVC Acoustic Seal Drop Seal for bottom of Door Aluminium rubber seals
Extruded PVC Acoustic Seal Drop Seal for bottom of door - 3 profiles Aluminium / Rubber Seals

Case Study

  First Avenue Guest House
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