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S5 Acoustic Clouds

The S5 acoustic clouds effectively reduce reverberation, in areas where it is not desirable to have a closed ceiling. The look of the suspended clouds, create a sense of depth. It has become popular to maintain an industrial look for example in resturants & coffee shops, where the ductwork and piping all remains exposed. The problem however is that the large volume created by the lack of a ceiling and the hard finishes, leads to long reverberation times. This makes having any decent conversation in such a venue, a constant fight to be heard, against the background noise levels. Noise must be controlled, to make for a pleasant and indeed functional space, where people can interact without shouting at each other across the table, which quickly becomes tiresome.

Sound Absorption:

NRC 0.9

Where Should They be Used?

Acoustic clouds work well in any area with a high or pitched ceiling or where no ceiling exists and there are exposed trusses or a concrete soffit. Spaces as retail shops, boardrooms, offices, conference venues, churches, restuarants could all benefit.

Lead Time for Manufacture

10 Working days - dependent on quantity.


We do our own installations - location dependant. Installation can only be quoted for after a site inspection. Should we not install in your area, they can be installed by any decent contractor. 

How are They Installed?

S5 Acoustic Clouds are suspended by stranded steel cable, which can be adjusted in length to suite each installation.

Edging Profiles

✪ Beveled edge
✪ Square edge




120 x 120cm
120 x 180cm
120 x 240cm
✪ Custom sizes can be made to request

S5 Acoustic Clouds - Beveled Edge



✪ White
✪ 65 Stunning designer colours

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