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S10 Panels & S10 Angled Panels

S10 Panels

These panels provide a nice thick, chunky appearance. The 10cm thickness provides a lovely sense of depth in the room. Combine that with creative layout and some colours which play off each other and you've created a real point of interest on your wall.

S10 Angled Panels

If everything in life was flat it would be boring! S10 Angled panels are here to make sure that never happens. These panels taper from 10cm on one side - down to 5cm on the opposite side.

The Aesthetic:

The panels provide texture, with light and shadow on a wall. This creates an interesting space to be in. The 3D look creates a sense of depth and space.The panels can be hung from any side, in order to create the look & feel you want. They can be hung with or without a space in between them, line them up or offset them, go ahead and play with your space to come up with something unique.

The Technical Benefits:

The panels can be manufactured to order, in one of three ways:
1. Sound absorbers: An NRC 1.0 is achieved, for the highest possible absorption.
2. Deflectors: Studio buffs will know that parrell surfaces create standing waves and therefore walls are often planned at angles, to control sound reflections. In reality most people don't have this luxury but the addition of some S10 Angled panels in a room will provide some of the same kind of benefit. This may be desirable where you need to control the sound but without creating a dead sounding space.
3. A 50/50 Combo: We know it can be tough making decisions. Why choose between absorbers or deflectors, when you can use both in the same space? The beauty of this system is the panels maintain the same consistent look but the technical benefits of both can be enjoyed. For simplicity sake, the price is exactly the same.

Standard Sizes:

30 x 30cm
30 x 60cm
60 x 60cm
60 x 120cm
120 x 120cm
✪ As the sizes are all multiples of 30cm, they can be combined together in the same space for effect.
✪ Wall brackets are provided

One More Thing:

Of course it goes without saying you can also use the S10 Angled Panels together with our S10 Panels. A 50/50 combination is a great idea. See this combo "in action" below - ok it's not exactly test cricket but you know what I mean.



65 Designer colours

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