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Q-Series Diffusers

What's The Big Deal

Diffusers are used to treat sound reflections (also called echoes) in rooms. They are an great alternative or additional tool to complement sound absorption. Diffusers do not remove sound energy, but can be used to effectively reduce distinct echoes and reflections. The use of sound absorbers only can cause a dead sounding space, which can sound unnatural. Diffusers are used to control the sound in the room, while still leaving a live sounding space. The difference of the sound in a room, with properly placed diffusers has to be heard to be fully appreciated but suffice to say once you've worked with them, you'll never be happy without them again. Uuuuh, yes ... that's a good thing.

The Visual

Q-Series Diffusers work well visually, as they can be tiled to achieve the overall desired size. They create a great looking space, especially if they are off-set with contrasting background colours & used together with some of our absorbers.


Q-Series Diffusers are team players & work well alongside our sound absorbers such as the:
✪ S3, S5, S10 and S10 Angeled Panels
✪ 10X Waffle Profile Acoustic Foam
✪ Tru-Tone Wall Cladding
✪ Compass Panels
✪ Timba-Coustic

Q-Series diffusers with 10X Waffle foam

Where Should They be Used?

✪ Recording Studio's in the live and control rooms
✪ Broadcast Studio's
✪ Home Cinema Rooms
✪ Hi-Fi Rooms
✪ Music Performance Venues
✪ Radio Stations - in the live rooms

Where Should't They Be Used?

✗ Closer than about 1,5m from the listening position.
✗ In the corners of a room. Rather use a bass trap or S10 Panel here to control the low frequency nodes which typically occur in the corners of small to medium sized rooms.
✗ At ground level - there's simply no point
✗ Where they could easily get bumped

Tile Size

✪ 600 x 600mm

How are They Installed?

✪ They are provided with a wall bracket for mounting - it's a simple DIY task.
✪ We offer installation in many areas of the country - check with your sales consultant. This could be particularly useful if the diffusers are only a small part of a bigger installation, which is typically the case.

Q-Series Diffusers set into our Tru-Tone Wall Cladding

Q-Series Diffusers in Radio Kingfisher FM's Live Room

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