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Outdoor Noise Barrier

Flexible Noise Barrier - Exterior Grade

FNB Exterior 3

is a flexible, limp, reinforced, UV stabilised mass loaded vinyl. It is a strong, highly weather resistant, curtain material engineered to block sound. FNB converts audible sound energy into inaudible, trace amounts of heat.

Acoustic Specification

This product has been independantly acoustically tested & certified in a top European lab.
✪ STC 26


✪ Roll width: 1.37m
✪ Roll length: 18, 29m
✪ Thickness: 3,3mm
✪ Minimum order quantity: Full rolls


✪ Designed for both indoor and outdoor use as a noise barrier “fence or curtain”. It can be used to surround noisy machinery inside factories or outdoors.
✪ Easy access can be accommodated with velcro joins.
✪ Block noise from construction sites disturbing neighbours or public areas

How to install

✪ Ground up: Plant metal/timber posts in the ground with cement and attach a metal framework to the posts. Fix the FNB Exterior 3 to the framework.
✪ Extend the height of an existing brick boundary wall to block noise

Fixing Methods

✪ Easy access: Velcro seams on vertical joins
✪ Sound barrier curtain on a rail: Hang with eyelets suspended on runners
✪ Permanent fixing: Screws or pop rivets may be used to secure the material. It is necessary to secure it in place either with a washer or even better with flat bar. This ensures that the FNB does not pull through.
✪ Be sure to overlap seams between roll widths of FNB Exterior 3.


For appearance purposes the FNB Exterior 3 can be concealed with timber slats, if so desired.


It has a pebble finish on the face and is smooth on the back.


✪ Ex-stock: Tan (1 Roll)
✪ Special order: Grey, Olive and Blue. This product is imported. There is an estimated 8 week turn around time for special orders. We require a 75% upfront payment for all special order items.


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