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Industro-Foam: Hexagonal Tiles

In the above image, we created an acoustic cloud out of the Industro-Foam hex tiles. The ceiling behind the cloud was painted a dark grey, to contrast with the white acoustic tiles. We suspended the cloud from stranded steel cable and used blue LED lights behind the cloud, to create an interesting effect.

Industro-Foam hexagonal tiles are a beautiful combination of form and function. The excellent acoustic properties coupled with a strong visual appeal make for a winning combination.


The hexagonal shape doesn't lead your eye in a particular direction, this gives you the perfect opprtunity to break free from predictable, boring grid lines.


The tiles are sold as a combo pack, which includes an equal quantity of three different thicknesses tiles. The differing thicknes tiles should be installed in a random pattern. This creates a sense of depth.

Tile Thickness

20mm, 35mm & 50mm

Pack Size

6 x 20mm, 6 x 35mm, 6 x 50mm = 18Tiles / 4.2m²


The hex tiles can either be used in a variety of ways, here are just a few idea to get your creative juices flowing:
✪ With an equal space between each tile
✪ Flush up against each other
✪ Used to completely cover a ceiling area
✪ Installed in groups / clusters. Many different patterns are possible.

Sound Absorption

The hex tiles offer excellent sound absorption. The more tiles are used in the room - the more noticable the sound dampening effect will become. The noise reduction coefficient at 50mm thick is NRC 0.86


The hex tiles are a perfect product to be used in conjunction with some of the Genesis acoustic wall panels or wall cladding treatments. Often it's a combination of acoustic wall & ceiling treatments, that together produce an ideal result.


✪ The standard colour is white, the colour runs all the way through.


✪ Full colour prints can be applied to the tiles


The hex tiles are very light weight, this makes it so easy to lift them overhead, when installing on a ceiling.

✪ Method 1: Installed directly against the ceiling. The adhesive we provide with the product, is a one sided application. It is quick to apply and has instant grab, so having pressed the tile into position (with even pressure) it can be released straight away.

✪ Method 2: Suspended as an acoustic cloud. The height can be adjusted to suit.

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