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Industro-Foam: Black Faced Panels

Industro-Foam is an independently certified acoustic foam.



White Industro-Foam with a black facing.
The black face is useful in certain applications:
✪ In order to maintain a dark ceiling for appearances
✪ Behind wooden slats where the black will show through
✪ Behind perforated metal, aluminium, gypsum or timber cladding
✪ For practical considerations, where you don't want a surface that can easily show up dirt

Light Weight

Industro-Foam is light weight which assists with the ease of installation. The very low mass per m3 means it adds a negligible weight onto an existing ceiling/roof structure.

Panel Size:

✪ 1250 x 625 x 50mm


Industro-Foam carries a B1 flammability rating, with no flame retardant added, which means it is hardly flammable. This makes the product safe to use in a wide variety of applications. In the event of a fire Industro-Foam does not drip and has a low smoke index. Commonly available polyurethane foam will melt and drip in the event of a fire which can become hazard.


Walls: Fixed directly with the supplied adhesive
Ceilings: Fixed directly with the supplied adhesive

Sound Absorption

Industro-Foam offers excellent sound absorption. The greater the m² used in the room - the more noticable the sound dampening effect will become. The noise reduction coefficient at 50mm thick is NRC 0.86

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