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G-Therm - Thermal Barrier Mats

G-Therm is a thermal barrier mat designed to insulate the cabin and bonnet from heat.

Use in combination with:

It can be applied over the G-Damp anti-vibration mats

Where should it be used?

✪ Under the bonnet - Protects your paint from the heat of the engine
✪ Under the roof - Insulates against the sun's heat
✪ Over the floor - To sheild the cabin from heat from the exhaust tunnel

Product details

✪ Self-adhesive
✪ Sheet size: 1380mm x 980mm (1.35m²)
✪ Thickness: 5mm
✪ Backing: Flame retardant foam rubber
✪ Foil facing: Non-combustible
✪ Operating Temperature: -60° to 200° Centigrade


✪ Ex-stock
✪ Minimum order quantity: 1 Sheet

Fixing Method

Ensure the surface is clean and dust free, cut mat to size with a sharp blade, remove the paper backing, apply pressure with the roller and roll flat.


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