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G-Tek A2 Acoustic Panels

✪ Wood wool & rockwool composite acoustic board
✪ A non-combustible acoustic panel
✪ Superb sound absorption NRC 0.95
✪ This rigid panel can be fixed to walls & ceilings with special matching screws
✪ Can be spray painted to any desired colour finish - without affecting the acoustic properties
✪ Thickness: 50 & 75mm
✪ Beveled edge design offers a neat finish
✪ Ideal for shooting ranges
✪ We have limited stock of the 75mm thickness available from our branch in Edenvale, RSA

G-Tek A2 Acoustic Panels are made from a non-combustible rock mineral wool core and finished with a wool wool layer. The wood wool consists of fine strands of fir wood bonded by magnesite. In addition to providing thermal insulation, they provide excellent acoustic insulation and fire protection.



Sound Absorption

G-Tek A2 Acoustic Panels are highly sound absorbent materials, which absorb sound through their cellular structure. They are perfect for lining walls and ceilings in facilities where sound must be controlled such as churches, bars, clubs, theatres and sports halls. Because of their attractive finish they are also commonly used in both homes and offices.

The acoustic performance of G-Tek panels have been measured according to the latest European Test Standards. The 75mm thickness provides particularly good sound absorption in the low frequency range.


Fire Resistance

G-Tek wood wool panels are classified as practically incombustible. In addition to being used to protect concrete and metal structures in homes and offices, they are ideal for commercial applications such as the lining of ceilings in car parks etc. The fire resistance of the A2 version wood wool provides over 90 minutes of protection.

Thermal Properties

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