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G-Sonic Sound Absorption Mats

G-Sonic mats are designed to absorb the airborne resonance within the cabin of a vehicle. G-Sonic mats provide a quieter ride and enhance the quality of the audio from the sound system. A resonant space causes interferance, which degrades sound quality. A well damped space allows you to enjoy the true audio quality that your sound system can deliver.

G-Sonic efficiently dampens noise such as:
✪ Road noise
✪ Wind noise
✪ Engine noise
✪ Stops resonance in hollow spaces such as the doors & boot

Use in combination with:

First apply a layer of G-Damp anti-vibration mats, followed by the G-Sonic mats, followed by the uphostery or finishing panel of your vehicle.

Product Info

✪ Self-adhesive
✪ Sheet size: 750mm x 500mm (0.39m²)
✪ Thickness: 10mm and 25mm
Thicker = better sound absorption across a broader frequency range.
We offer two thicknesses as to cater for space available. The mats are compressable.
✪ Water repellent
✪ Flame retardant
✪ East to handle: Will not irritate the skin

Where should G-Sonic be applied?

Always facing into the cabin. Not for use in engine bays.
✪ Doors
✪ Walls
✪ Floor
✪ Wheel arches
✪ Roof
✪ Boot

Fixing Method

Ensure the surface is clean and dust free, cut mat to size with a sharp blade or scissors, remove the paper backing, apply pressure with the roller and roll flat


✪ Ex-stock
✪ Sold by the sheet


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