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G-Damp Anti-Vibration Mats

G-Damp Anti-Vibration Mats are designed to damp the vibration that leads to resonance and noise transfer. Application of G-Damp mats changes the natural resonant frequency of the metal structure and dramatically reduces the frequency sprectrum over which structural resonace occurs and the amplitutude of the sound waves. Basically less vibration equals less noise and this is good thing.

What is G-Damp?

G-Damp consists of a self-adhesive, pure butyl, flame retardent base with a foil surface.

Where should G-Damp be applied in a car?

✪ Inside the doors
✪ Roof
✪ Floor and footwells
✪ Over the wheel arches
✪ Walls
✪ Boot
✪ Under the bonnet
✪ Fire wall - inside the cabin

How much G-Damp should I apply?

✪ Generally 1 - 2 layers are sufficient. G-Damp can be applied to itself to achive consecutive layers. Adding a 2nd layer will increase mass, which will help to attenuate more sound, it will also increase the frequency range over which it is effective.
✪ In rare instances, it may be necessary to add more layers but this depends on the application. The thicker the sheet metal you are seeking to damp - the more layers of G-Damp will be required e.g. 3 Layers were applied to a power generating windmill pole, with great results (see images below).

Some of the benefits G-Damp provides:

✪ Enjoy a quieter ride
✪ Enhances the clarity and quality of the music by reducing interferance
✪ Increase the SPL of your sound system by adding mass behind the speakers thus projecting more sound into your car.
✪ Reduce noise from the road, tyres, engine and wind

Use together with:

✪ Apply G-Sonic sound absorption mats over the G-Damp for the ultimate quiet ride. Using these two products together pack a 1 - 2 punch for an overall better result. G-Damp tackles the vibration while G-Sonic tackles the airborne sound for a cumulative better result.
✪ Apply G-Therm over the G-Damp to tackle both noise an thermal insulation issues.


✪ Ex-stock
✪ Sold by the sheet 800 x 460 x 2mm (0.37m²)
✪ Box size: 25 sheets = 9.25m²

Installation tips

✪ Measure out the area you'll be applying th G-Damp to determine whether you have sufficient sheets of G-Damp before you start. Add up the total m² of the various areas and divide by 0.37m² to determine how many sheets are required. If you're applying two layers multiple by 2, three layers by 3.
✪ Before starting make sure the metal substrate is free from dust, oil, greese and silicone. Brush clean to remove dust, wipe with a damp cloth, allow to dry then wipe with a suitable cleaning agent in a well ventilated area.
✪ Do not apply G-Damp over old, hard bitumen based mats - for optimum results these should be removed and the surface cleaned prior to the application of the G-Damp.
✪ G-Damp is flexible and will follow curves but it'll be necessary in places to make some relief cuts to achieve full cover.

Installation tools required:

✪ Roller: Use the provided roller to apply even pressure to the G-Damp mats and achieve a proper bond (essential for good performance) with the metal substrate.
✪ Stanley knife or scissors
✪ The edge of the foil can be sharp - so you may want to wear some comfortable work gloves


Foot well

Floor of the vehicle

Application to the roof to reduce wind noise


Other Uses

Power Generating Windmill - To reduce vibration and noise
> 3 Layers were applied to achieve the desirable outcome

Water Pump Housing - To add mass and attenuate noise transfer

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