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Clear Noise Barrier (CNB)
Soundproof Your Glass Windows and Doors

Clear Noise Barrier

Clear Noise Barrier (CNB) is a fully transparent noise barrier, which allows light to pass through. CNB can be hung loose or fixed in place, in over windows, single / double doors & sliding doors. CNB is a limp, flexible, mass loaded product that offers soundproofing by converting audible sound energy, into trace amounts of heat.

Aluminium framed doors and windows are a common source of problematic sound transmission because regardless of the type of glass used the frames themselves are hollow. Density and mass is required to stop sound, hollow frames do not offer either of these properties. CNB is able to overcome this problem, as we install it over both the framing and the glass in one sheet. This improves the sound proofing of the structure as a whole. 

Standard size

✪ Material width: 1.22m
✪ Roll length: 18.29m 
✪ Miniumum order quantity: None

Soundproofing Properties

✪ CNB is rated STC 26


✪ Homes: Perfect to block traffic noise or noisy neighbours
✪ Offices: Block unwanted sound disturbing meeting rooms and offices

Installation Methods

Single sliding rail:
Allows the CNB to slide to one side when not required. The rail is powder coated to the required colour to match existing decor.

Double sliding rail:
Allows the CNB to slide to both sides or to slide over each other when not required. The rail is powder coated to the required colour to match existing decor.

Hanging fixed drop:
The CNB is hung on a slim fixed rail. This is the most cost effective installation method. The CNB can be lifted off the rail when its not required and is easily hung again afterwards. This method is best imployed when the CNB will be left in place most of the time and infrequennt access to the window is required.

Fixed in place:
The is CNB is cut to size and fixed on the window or door frame with screws or pop-rivets through flat bar. The flat bar can be supplied in various finishes including natural anodised, bronzed or powder coated to the required colour.

Overlap & Windows

When using CNB to soundproof windows, we always try to overlap the CNB a bit past the window and over the adjacent wall. How much overlap we use, depends on the size the window, relative to the standard width of the CNB, as we try to make best use of the material without incuring extra cost. An overlap of 10 - 30cm is desirable as sound does not travel efficiently around corners and this overlap therefore increases the soundproofing benefit.

Q. ​What Happens When the Standard Material Width is not Sufficient?

A. Thankfully it's not too often that this occurs but when is becomes necessary, we can either join adjacent widths on a new piece of framing for fixed applications or use a Velcro join when the sections need to be able to separate. See image of a job with a velcro join below. 

Details to Consider

✪ CNB is a limp, flexible product - it is not rigid like glass
✪ CNB may have a very slight blue tinge to the colour 
These are inherent characteristics of the product and must be accepted by the client.


Readily available our JHB warehouse

Case Study

  Dr Van Zyl

Pictures of Past Jobs:

Meeting Room - During Installation           Complete


CNB on a Single Sliding Rail - Powder Coated to Match
Open Position                             Closed Position


CNB on a Single Rail - With Velcro Joins

CNB Fixed in Position with Flat Bar - Powder Coated to Match



Clear Noise Barrier (CNB) vs LOUD MUSIC Test


Clear Noise Barrier (CNB) vs WHITE NOISE Test 

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