Genesis Acoustic Products


Welcome to the Genesis Acoustics Automotive page. Here you will find commerical grade automotive products designed to insulate your ride against heat and noise.

These products can be used across a broad spectrum of vehicles:

✪ Cars
✪ Bakkies
✪ Vans
✪ Trucks
✪ Caravans
✪ Trailers for transporting pets and horses
✪ Heavy duty machinery such as bulldozers, graders, dump tracks etc

Other uses:

✪ Aircraft
✪ Boats
✪ Metal machine housings
✪ Generator housings

Basically if it makes a noise these products will:

✪ Add mass and attenutate the sound
✪ Damp the structural vibration which leads to sound transfer
✪ Absorb airborne sound and reduce the reflections that cause resonance and noise

Our thermal barrier mats will:

✪ Reflect heat and insulate to maintain / control heat transfer

Automotive Acoustic Products (Overview)
G-Damp Anti-Vibration Mats
G-Sonic Sound Absorption Mats
G-Therm - Thermal Barrier Mats
Spectrum Sludge