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Alpha Silent Acoustic Fabric

Alpha Silent is an acoustic fabric with excellent sound absorbing properties - without the use of any type of acoustic filler behind it. Alpha Silent will help reduce the reverberation time, to create spaces where speech can be clearly understood and to reduce overall noise levels to for areas that might otherwise have suffered from a harsh sound due to the presence many hard reflective surfaces.

Alpha Silent Lux transmits 41% light and can therfore be used as blinds in front of windows for protection from glare during the day or even backlight as a ceiling fixture.

How can Alpha Silent be installed?
✪ Complete Walls & Ceilings: It can be used in a fabric tensioning system like Feature Wall / Feature Ceiling by Genesis Acoustics. In this instance the tensioning system is installed onto a substructure, with an appropriate airspace behind it. The the Alpha Silent is installed and tensioned in place. This system is suitable for both walls and ceilings.
✪ Acoustic Sails: It can be tensioned using cables, like an acoustic sail which is suitable for large volume spaces with high ceilings or which have no ceiling and are open to the roof.
✪ Acoustic Baffles: It can be suspended as hanging baffles at suitable intervals - suitable for large volume spaces.
✪ Acoustic Clouds: It can be tensioned over a frame to create acoustic clouds in whatever size may be required. 
✪ Acoustic Screens: It be used as an acoustic screen to sub-divide large open plan spaces 
✪ Blinds: It can be used as a blind in front of glass as an acoustic blind to soften sound reflections

Acoustic Screen

Decorative Value
Different colour fabrics can be used to not only solve acoustic problems but also to add to the decor in a room.


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