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Compass Absorber & Deflector Panels

Compass acoustic wall panels


Compass panels are an interesting triangular shape, which creates a dynamic 3D look, that can be altered by changing the orientation of the panels.

They panels can be positoned in various ways to create an exciting visual:
A  combination of the above
Square or rectaugular configurations
With offset edges

Compass panels are made as both absorbers  and deflectors. The absorbers provide excellent broadband sound absorption while the deflectors scatter sound energy. This maintains the live sound in the room whilst preventing standing waves & controlling unwanted reflections. The two types can be used in combination with each other, while providing a continuous look and feel.

The fabric is wrapped over the edge and stappled at the back.
Wall brackets and rubber feet are included for ease of installation.

Where should these panels be used?
Any area that requires a decorative wall finish - with acoustic properties. The strong visual appeal of the 3D look and the exciting colour combinations make them suitable for many areas such as:
Reception areas, conference rooms, leisure rooms, upmarket home theatres, recording studios, radio statios and so on etc. there are really too many to mention.


NRC 1.0

Vulcan acoustic fabric, 65 beautiful colours to choose from

Standard sizes:
Small to medium rooms
600 x 300 x 100mm height (at the peak)

Large rooms/halls
800 x 400 x 140mm height (at the peak)
The bigger size is more cost effective, which is beneficial when covering large areas.

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