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Feature Wall - Fabric Tensioning System


What is Feature Wall?

It is a system designed to acoustically treat a whole wall or a specific area of wall. The system is characterized by a very neat, precise look and is installed on site, to ensure a proper fit. A large range of finishing fabric is available to suite an individual tastes, including stylish solid colours and full colour prints for a customized appearance.

What Kind of Venue will Benefit from Feature Wall?

Almost any living or work space can benefit as noise effects everyone. Noise can be a nuisance, an irritation, or cause loss of sleep. A room with a muddy, resonant sound can make it difficult to clearly understand what is being said or to enjoy live music or a great movie.

Venues which will benefit from the acoustic properties of Feature wall:
  • Lecture halls
  • Churches
  • School classrooms & halls
  • Homes: movie rooms, entertainment rooms, bedrooms
  • Offices, small to large businesses & boardrooms
  • Hotels & guesthouses
  • Cinema’s
  • Sports halls
  • Recreational halls
  • Live entertainment venues
  • Anywhere else noise & reverberation problems need to be tamed!

How does Feature Wall Work?

It consists of three components: 

1. Fabric tensioners: Lightweight plastic extrusions fixed to the wall. Length 2m.
    They can be joined end to end to create longer sections.
2. Acoustic infill: This is fixed in placed between the tensioners. Width 1.2m and 25, 40 or 50mm thick
3. Acoustic fabric: Plain colours or full colour prints. Maximum tensioning width 1.2m.

Fabric Tensioning Profiles

 Cross Section of wall with Feature Wall Installed

What are the Acoustic Properties of Feature Wall?

Three specification levels are available depending on the client’s requirement,from acoustic damping of unwanted echo through to soundproofing of walls & ceilings.

  • 25mm thick NRC 0.85 = High sound damping properties
  • 40mm thick NRC 0.95 = Very high sound damping properties
  • 50mm thick NRC 1.0 = Soundproofing & highest achievable sound damping, on the internationally used NRC (Noise reduction coefficient) scale

What Solid Colour Fabrics are Available?

Click here to see our Vulcan colour swatch to see the wide colour selection.

Can I Supply my Own Image to be Printed?

Yes you can but remember that a high resolution image will be required to ensure a good quality finish. Low resolution images pixelate when they are blown up, resulting in a loss of clarity. As a rule of thumb a jpeg image should be at least 1.5mb to 3mb in size. A simple test is to blow the image up to 400% on screen. See our artwork preparation guide for more info. On confirmation of your order an artwork proof will be provided for signature, prior to going into manufacture.

Does Genesis Acoustics supply High Resolution Images for Printing?

Yes we do. You can browse from our large online library at www.dreamstime.com. Be sure to record the reference numbers of the images you want to purchase, then e-mail these numbers to us, to proceed with the quote/ order process. On confirmation of your order an artwork proof will be provided for signature, prior to manufacture.

Can my Fabric be Changed at a Future Date?

Yes, the fabric can easily be changed without any screws or staples. This is useful in the event of a fresh look being required or if repair to accidental damage is needed.

Can Feature Wall be Framed?

Yes. Depending on the thickness used, an appropriate wooden or polystyrene moulding can be selected & installed by any reputable carpenter.

Who can Install Feature Wall?

Feature Wall is easy to install for anyone with even basic DIY skills / tools. For those who don’t enjoy DIY, it can be installed by any reputable handyman, building contractor, carpenter or ceiling/drywall contractor.

What about Safety?

The acoustic infill is non-combustible, as a part of your order, the fabric can be treated with a flame retardant as an optional extra. Our flame retardant is clear, odourless and non-toxic.

What is the Lead Time?

Allow 2 – 3 weeks from placement of written order for manufacture & 2 – 3 days for delivery.

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