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OverKill Pro

Over Kill Pro™ is a very flexible OEM style foam made of closed cell vinyl infused with rubber, specifically engineered to absorb airborne noise in your doors between the frequency range of 15k Hz and 20k Hz.


     Sheet size = 24” x 54” (9 sq. feet) 
     Thickness = 3/8” (.375”) 
     Mass/Area = .39 lbs. per sq foot
  •      Total weight per sheet = 3.51 lbs. per sheet

* Requires contact spray adhesive (1 can per 4 sheets)

Noise Reduction Uses

Many people use closed cell foam materials like Overkill Pro on top of vibration mats, but this does very little for noise reduction. Unfortunately there are several companies out there marketing cheap closed cell foam as noise barriers, and we are left to combat poor marketing by educating our customers on how things really work.

Mass is key when reducing airborne noise, and closed cell foams simply do not have the mass that is required to effectively do the job. For reducing airborne noise, Overkill Pro will help some, but not nearly as much as our barrier product Luxury Liner and Luxury Liner Pro.

Mobile Audio

Applying a layer of Overkill inside the doors on top of your Damplifier or Spectrum vibration dampers is the easiest way to improve the acoustics from your door speakers.

First, Overkill Pro will reduce the airborne sound waves that are able to penetrate the vibration damper. This reduction in unwanted noise will equate to in increase in the desired noise which is your music. Overkill will also reduce the intensity of distortion causing reflections inside your vehicle. The less noise that is bouncing around the car walls, the louder and clearer your audio system will sound.

Thermal Insulation

Anything you place in front of the heat source will help reduce or slow down the heat. Overkill will help reduce heat to a small degree but is not specifically designed to do so. Any heat reduction noticed from Overkill is purely a side benefit, not an intended result. For The ultimate in heat damping protection, use a combination of Damplifier Pro followed by Luxury Liner Pro.

What is the difference between Luxury Liner and Overkill Pro?

Luxury Liner is a noise barrier Overkill Pro is a noise absorbing filter. Both products get applied on top of vibration dampers like Damplifier Pro or Spectrum in order to reduce airborne sound waves, but they do it in two totally different ways. Overkill filters out specific frequencies that are able to penetrate the first vibration damping layer, but because it is so light, it allows many other sound wave frequencies to pass right through. Luxury Liner is a barrier that blocks and reflects the most difficult airborne sound waves that Overkill Pro is not capable of handling.

Installation instructions

• For best results OverKill Pro should be applied on top of a constraint layer damper such as Damplifier Pro.

• Always apply OverKill to the interior of the vehicle.

• After the upholstery or carpet is out, remove loose debris, rust, dirt, and waxy oils.

• Cut OverKill to the desired size with a sharp utility knife or scissors. Be sure to cut OverKill to the specific size that permits you to reinstall all carpet and upholstery trim properly. Do not cover wires, drain holes or mechanical devices.

• Spray a high tack contact adhesive such as the Second Skin Spray Adhesive on both application surfaces. Be mindful of adhesive overspray and ventilation.

• Allow two minutes for adheisve to become tacky. Once adhesive has become tacky, slowly attach the tacky side of the OverKill to the tacky side of the panel. Apply constant pressure over the entire surface area for five additional minutes to insure a proper bond between the two surfaces.

• Factory carpet can be installed immediately. Aftermarket carpet kits that are glued in to place can be attached directly to OverKill.

Recommended Installation Locations

  • Doors - Behind door trim to cushion and isolate the panels from one another to prevent rattles and squeaks.
  • Pillars - Behind A, B, C, and D pilar trim to reduce and prevent rattles and buzzing.
  • Trunk - Lid, quarter panels, and rear deck to cushion and isolate trim and prevent rattles.
  • Roof - Underneath headlinder to prevent buzzing and rattles.

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