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Heat Wave Pro

Heat Wave Pro has a reinforced foil face laminated to both sides for extra thermal protection. The extra layer of foil insures the most available heat reduction and insulation available from any product of its type. This thermal-acoustic barrier is perfect for reducing heat and noise generated from vehicle engines and exhaust systems. Apply it on top of Damplifier Pro, or our ceramic coating Firewall, for the ultimate in thermal insulation and heat dissipation.


Sheet Size = 1219 x 1829 mm
Thickness = 9.6mm
Mass/Area = 1.02 kg / m2
Total weight per sheet = 2.27kg
* Requires contact spray adhesive (1 can per sheet)

Noise Reduction Uses

Heat Wave Pro is a very versatile product. When applied on top of a vibration damper like Damplifier Pro, or Spectrum it will filter out sound waves that are able to penetrate their way in to the cabin of your car. Perfect for an inexpensive way to reduce road noise, engine noise and exhaust system drone.

Mobile Audio

Apply a layer of Heat Wave Pro on top of your Damplifier Pro or Spectrum vibration dampers to reduce the unwanted ambient noise in your car. Once you have quieted down the road, engine and exhaust system noise, your stereo volume will sound louder, clearer and less distorted.

Thermal Insulation

Heat Wave Pro is an amazing insulation blanket and radiant barrier. The 2 layers of foil reflect radiant heat while the natural fibres reduce convectional heat and insulate your car from extreme temperatures. Adding a layer of Heat Wave Pro on top of Damplifier Pro or Firewall is the easiest way to create a cool and comfortable ride.

Installation Instructions

1. For best results Heat Wave Pro should be applied on top of a constraint layer damper such as Damplifier Pro.

2. After the upholstery or carpet is out, remove loose debris, rust, dirt, and waxy oils to insure a solid contact with Heat Wave Pro.

3. Cut Heat Wave Pro to the desired size with a sharp utility knife upholstery scissors, or with an electric carving knife.(Yes, a turkey carver). Be sure to cut Heat Wave Pro to the specific size that permits you to reinstall all carpet and upholstery trim. Do not cover wires, drain holes or mechanical devices.

4. Spray a high tack contact adhesive on both application surfaces. Apply one heavy coat on the Heat Wave Pro, and one heavy coat on the application panel. Be mindful of adhesive over-spray and ventilation.

5. Allow two minutes to pass before resuming installation.

6. After two minutes has passed, slowly attach the tacky side of Heat Wave Pro to the tacky side of the panel. Apply constant pressure over the entire surface area for five additional  minutes to insure an aggressive connection between materials.

7. Seal the exposed edges and seams of Heat Wave Pro with Foil Tape.

Factory carpet can be replaced immediately. After-market carpet kits that are glued in to place can be attached directly to the exposed foil side of Heat Wave Pro.

Recommended Installation Locations

Always apply Heat Wave Pro to the interior of the cars cabin with the foil side showing.

Best results are obtained when applied on top of a vibration damper such as Damplifier Pro, or Spectrum and Firewall coatings.


  • Floor – Entire floor including under the rear seats to reduce heat, road noise, engine noise and exhaust noise.
  • Doors – Inside the door behind the window to reduce heat and road noise while improving the musical quality produced by the door speakers.
  • Trunk - Floor, quarter panels, rear deck and wheel wells to reduce road noise and exhaust drone.
  • Ceiling – To reduce heat from the sun as well as some wind noise.
  • Firewall – To dissipate engine heat and reduce engine noise (2 layers suggested).


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