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Damplifier Pro

Damplifier Pro is our premier vibration damping mat. It is a self-adhesive vibration mat used to reduce resonance and structure borne noise on automotive sheet metal. With a foil heat shield and a total thickness of 2mm, this butyl damper has the highest heat rating on the market; over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Use Damplifier Pro to help insure a cool and quiet ride by killing road, engine and exhaust drone while saving money, time and energy.



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Installation Instructions:



1. After upholstery or carpet is out, remove loose debris, rust, dirt, and waxy oils to insure a solid contact with Damplifier Pro.
2. Cut Damplifier Pro to the desired size with a sharp utility knife such as the Second skin Fury Blade.
3. Peel the wax paper liner from the back of Damplifier Pro and adhere the tacky butyl side to the sheet metal, slowly working the Damplifier Pro on to the panel with the Second Skin hand roller, insuring that there are no air pockets between the applications.

4. Slice all air bubbles with a blade and roll over the punctured area with the hand roller, insuring complete surface coverage.
5. Adding a second layer of Damplifier Pro will almost triple the performance results of one layer alone. The more surface Damplifier Pro covers, the better the results will be.


Recommended Installation Locations

All non-exposed interior sheet metal including:
•   Doors - Inner and outer skin to reduce road noise and improve the musical mid bass and mid range vocals produced by the door speakers.
•   Trunk - Lid floor, quarter panels, rear deck and wheel wells to reduce road noise and exhaust drone as well as increasing sub-woofer SPL and clarity.
•   Floor – Entire floor including the sheet metal under the rear seats to reduce road noise, engine noise, exhaust and heat and enhance audio system sound quality.
•   Ceiling – To reduce wind noise & radiant heat while eliminating vibrations from the audio system and increasing sub-woofer SPL & clarity.
•   Firewall – To reduce engine noise & road noise while dissipating heat.
•   Hood – to reduce engine noise and road noise.


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