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Soundproofing Glass

Whilst there is no substitute for having proper Acoustic Spec glass installed, we do offer the following two solutions which are valuable tools in acoustically treating windows:

Acoustic Window Panels

Acoustic Window Panel

  These panels are custom made to fit your exact window size
  They are simply pushed into the window space to achieve a snug fit
  They have fabric handles on the side so the panel can easily be removed when necessary for
  They are upholstered in any of the vibes or vulcan fabric colours we offer
  Panels have a 26db STC sound isolation rating
  Serve to dampen resonance in the room & avoid reflection off the glass


Acoustic curtains over windows and sliding doors

Acoustic Curtains thumbnail

   Our acoustic curtains are made for maximum absorption by virtue of:  

  The optimum weight of the fabric
    A purpose made acoustic lining
  The correct volume of fabric,depth & ratio of folds, in order to increase the
     available surface area for absorption

   The  curtains are made to order. In order to quote, I need to know the drop & width required.
   They can be supplied as a kit together with the track.

Below is some more information.

Windows / Glass:

The most common glass installed in homes & offices is 3mm thick Clearvue which has a poor STC rating of only 23. It is well worth the money spent to replace this with a glass providing better isolation. 10dB represents a doubling or halving of the sound, therefore a benefit of 10 - 15 db as shown below, is a significant improvement.

  • a) Most window frames can take either 6.38mm thick Intruderprufe (STC 33) or even better 8.76mm thick Soundprufe HPR (STC 38). The higher the STC rating the better!
  • b) The gap between the window & the frame MUST be properly sealed. This is as important as the glass itself. Apply Genesis gap sealer to the window frame. 
  • c) If the window does not need to be opened, an even better result can be achieved by fitting a second pane of glass to the window sill & leaving an airspace of 12 - 100mm between the two panes. Some acoustic foam can be applied to the sill between the two frames for added benefit
  • Follow this link or download the PDF below for more comprehensive information on acoustics & glass.
  • (Sorry we don't sell windows or glass of any kind) Contact your local glass contractor armed with these guidelines.


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