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Genesis Acoustic Products

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Acoustic Treatment of Restaurants

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Ceiling Islands

ceiling island thumb    The islands effectively reduce reverberation
    Noise reduction coefficient of 0.9
    Thickness of the acoustic islands: 48mm
    White, powder coated aluminium frame
    Islands are suspended by stranded steel cable, which can be adjusted in length to suite the installation.
    Excellent sound damping properties - Suitable for many applications such as 
      retail shops, boardrooms, offices, conference venues etc.
    Flammability: The acoustic damping used in our panels is non-combustible.
      If required, the fabric can be treated with a flame retardant at an additional charge.
    Lead time for manufacture: ± 10 Working days - dependent on quantity.
    Fitting is quoted after a site inspection.

Acoustic Wall Panels

 Wall & Picture panel thumb   Large range of standard sizes
    Thickness: 60mm plus a 35mm airspace behind the panel
    Large range of fabric finishes & colours available
    The finish is decorative so they can be used anywhere
    Mounted on the wall with an aluminium channel (supplied)
    Simply drill two holes & hang the panel


Acoustic Picture Panels

 Wall & Picture panel thumb

    Large range of standard sizes
    Thickness: 60mm plus a 35mm airspace behind the panel
    Full colour digital print
    Easy to mount, with supplied bracket
    Simply drill two holes & hang
    Supply any high res logo or image of your choosing


Acoustic curtains over windows and sliding doors

Acoustic Curtains thumbnail

   Our acoustic curtains are made for maximum absorption by virtue of:  

  The optimum weight of the fabric
    A purpose made acoustic lining
  The correct volume of fabric,depth & ratio of folds, in order to increase the
     available surface area for absorption

   The  curtains are made to order. In order to quote, I need to know the drop & width required.
   They can be supplied as a kit together with the track.


Acoustic Foam underneath tables & chairs

Acoustic foam thumbnail    Thickness: 30mm
    Tille sizes: 470 x 470mm (4.5 Tiles = 1 sq.m)
    Panel size: 940 x 470mm (2.27 tiles = 1 sq.m)
    Colour: Charcoal Grey & Black Sparkle
    Flame retardant & colour fast
    Beveled edge gives a neat professional appearance
    Genesis contact adhesive: Specially formulated, spray grade,
     non-flammable, water based adhesive with almost no odour!



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