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Tower Bass Traps - Home Theater, Live Music Venues, Church Halls, Studios

  • Ideal for live music venues like pubs etc
  • Ideal for home theater, recording studios & control rooms
  • Triangular shape fits easily into corners
  • Ideal for branding for sponsors - Full colour digital print
  • Plain colour fabric finish also available
  • Heights: 1m , 2m & 2.4m
  • Corner dimension: 0.35m x 0.35m
  • Easily mounted on the wall - off the floor
  • Or freestanding on the floor

Bass trap with high gloss paint finish - available in plain colour, or printed for branding & promotional purposes


DL spec sheet 

Bass Traps are acoustic absorbers or sound baffles which have the ability to capture low frequency sound. Bass traps are used to provide acoustic absorptive treatment in rooms and are common tools used in architectural acoustics. Bass traps are particularly useful in the acoustic treatment of home theaters, recording studios, mastering suites, and other venues built to provide a critical listening environment. Bass traps provide a means to control room reverberations at low frequencies, a part of the audible bandwidth especially troublesome when critical listening venues are located in small rooms. Bass traps, like all acoustically absorptive materials, function by turning sound energy in a room's air volume into minute amounts of heat through friction.  The best place to mount bass traps is in corners.

We recently had an acoustic simulation done for us by Comsol Multiphysics, that perfectly illustrates this point. In Fig. 1, the bright red areas show the bass hot spot of the room at 108hz. Fig. 2 shows the ideal placement of bass traps in a room to effectively absorb the bass.

Fig. 1:

Bass Trap Hot Spots in Room    

Fig. 2:

Bass trap placement

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Needless to say the value of placing bass traps in a room is very obvious given the result of the simulation. Genesis bass traps are fully customised to suite your requirement. While we offer standard sizes we can adjust size & offer an extensive range of fabric colours for the face of the trap. The acoustic performance is impressive both in print & to the ear. You can read a testimonial from one of our clients here.  The 2m bass trap can be placed either free standing or wall mounted with the supplied wall brackets.


                                                       Sound Absorption Co-efficient (NRC Val 1.05)


Finishing of Bass Traps

                                                                    High gloss paint finish with a breathe hole.

Genesis Acoustic bass traps can be a powerful branding solution, in addition to its value when it comes to sound absorption. 

Panels can be printed with corporate logos or promotional branding. The are also available in a variety of colours as shown below.

(please use the number of the swatch as a reference. Because colours on screen may differ to actual colour,
we advise that you purchase a fabric swatch in order to guarantee the colour is correct) 

Vulcan swatches 
Additional Images of Bass Traps

Bass trap shape and brackets branded bass trap

Looking for an innovative solution? We manufacture custom base traps.
View some of these products below.

Celing bass trap  Ceiling Corner Bass Trap:

   Powerful bass trap
   Up in the ceiling corner, out of the way
   Doesn't interfere with floor space  
   Comes standard with a full colour print
   Thousands of high res images to choose from
   Easy to mount with brackets supplied
   Size: 103 x 103 x 103cm
   Ideal for studios, home theatre, live entertainment areas, etc.

Bass Trap Corner Seat    Corner Bass Trap Seat:
This potent bass trap will immediatly make a difference to the acoustics of a room

   The depth of the trap makes it effective at trapping low frequencies

   Transform dead corner space into a useful & attractive seat

   Size: 94 x 94 x 126 and 55cm height   

   Ideal for studios, home theatre, live entertainment areas etc

Bass Trap Stool  Bass Trap Stool:

   Ideal for vocal booths & control rooms of recording studios, home theatre rooms

  •    Helps to reduce unwanted resonance in room, where wall space for panels is limited
  •    Small & easy to move around
  •    Many colour fabrics available
  •    Size: 42 x 42 x 60cm height


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