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Genesis Acoustic Products

Made in South Africa

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Case Studies

Drum Practise Room

 Marlize Barr - Drum Room

Products used:

✪ Industro-Foam white flat panels
✪ S3 Acoustic wall panel with a custom print

Drum Practise Room

Noisy Crypto Mining Rig

 Orezlon Abbag

Products used:

✪ LF125 Soundproof Enclosure
✪ Custom frame
✪ Acoustic baffles
✪ Extraction fans

LF125 Soundproof Enclosure

Noisy Home Workshop

  Dr Van Zyl

Product used:

✪ CNB on a double sliding rail with a pulley system


Acoustic door covers really work!

The doors covers arrived, they make a great difference. I'd like to have them on all studio doors in time!
October 2011

Elan - Home Studio

Noisey server room made quiet

 This is what Steven had to say after we completed installation of Genesis acoustic foam in his noisey server room, "Brilliant, magic, a big difference!"
October 2010

Steven - Bridgestone

Soundproofing between hotel rooms achieved with Decibel Drop

 We had a noise problem in our lodge with two rooms, which were separated by a drywall. Whatever sound occurred in one room was heard in the other! We used some Genesis acoustic insulation inside the drywall cavity & Decibel Drop soundproofing compound between two layers of drywall. It was simple to apply & the job just took a day to complete. We are very pleased with the results, Decibel Drop certainly works. May 2010

Owner - Cape Explorers Lodge

Peaceful Sleep with Genesis Acoustic Insulation

I experienced problems with outside noise coming into our home & disturbing our sleep at night. We installed 75mm thick, Genesis acoustic insulation over our ceilings in the roof cavity & are enjoying peaceful sleep again. May 2010

Warren - JHB Home

2m Bass Trap for Studio

I just received the bass trap we ordered for our studio & everyone in the office is so impressed. The finish far exceeded my expectations and is very professional. It works well as a free standing unit, the construction is very solid .I immediately noticed an improvement in the acoustics of the studio. The focus / imaging of the sound is far better & the low end boom is gone.
April 2010

Kevin - Success On Hold

Home Theater Cinema Room

After finishing our home theater  demo room, we realised we had a problem with the acoustics of the room - there was way to much reverberation. This resulted in a muddy sound. We contacted Genesis Acoustics who installed their acoustic wall panels on the back & side walls and acoustic foam tiles on the ceiling. The result was a dramatic improvement in the sound quality of the room. The panels look good & we have had positive comments from our customers too.

Jason - Homemation

Acoustic Isolation - Guest House

 I own a guest house & we had a problem with sound isolation between adjoining rooms. The sound traveled though the ceiling into the ceiling cavity & then into the rooms below. I purchased rolls of 50mm thick Genesis acoustic cavity insulation which we rolled out over the ceilings of all the rooms. The improvement was dramatic. We have also benefited from the improved thermal insulation. 

Jake - Bojavi Guest House

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